SwipelerDigitally transforming the way people manage finances.

A futuristic M2M (Machine 2 Machine) Fintech platform based on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that enables financial mobility of a family, or a group of people on the go.
Provides an efficient, hassle-free, and cashless experience to consumers wherein they can conclude transactions by simply swiping their phones at the merchants' counters or even digitally.


Swipeler is a digital technology that will transform the financial mobility of people and their dependents and help them better manage their funds.

It further plans to integrate the merchants within the APP and create a marketplace where multiple people within one account can buy.

It will transform the social and economic growth of the entire ecosystem by simply facilitating movement of money in the market.


Swipeler is the only M2M (Machine to Machine) and M2H ( Machine to humans) APP built on Near Field Technology that allows Family/Group of individuals Credit Mobility.

How does it work?

Once you sign up, Swipeler allots you the contactless card for payment purposes.

This card has an embedded antenna that enables your device (with card/application) to establish a connection with nearby payment terminal ( whether physical or virtual) and transmits purchase information to and from the contactless reader.


– family credit mobility

– on the move self transaction

– contactless transactions

Under 1 Swipeler wallet account, you can –

– Add up to 9 cards for different family members.

– Set a limit and monitor expenses

– Secure transactions via OTP/USSD


Swipeler’s highly scalable B2C & B2B model is designed to help businesses and the economy grow multifold by making more people financially empowered. With more awareness and the penetration of NFC technology along with multiple people at the merchants’ counters, Swipeler is all set to revolutionize the way transactions are done.

Consumers –

You are at your work and your spouse needs to buy grocery or your child wants to order pizza for lunch. Your Swipeler wallet comes in handy. Your parents live in another city and need to visit the hospital or buy some essentials. Just add them all to your Swipeler wallet and they are free.

You can track expenditures and analyze the family spending habits and needs by the end of the month and plan your finances better.

Merchants – 

Simply register yourself as a merchant with Swipeler, set up your dashboard and get ready to receive payments.


Swipeler is the new norm of how people will spend and manage their money.


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